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Central Illinois Real Estate Attorney

The sale or purchase of a home or small business is typically the largest single financial transaction ever entered into by the average person. Common sense dictates the wisdom of hiring a lawyer to create and/or review the necessary documents to ensure that everyone’s expectations are met. Competent legal assistance also ensures that the transaction is handled properly, without any nasty surprises after the closing. For more information on our real estate practice, please contact our office.

We are determined to offer price-competitive, diligent, professional representation to buyers and sellers in all types of residential and commercial transactions. We also provide title insurance through Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. for all of our real estate transactions.

On a more personal note, our entire staff fully comprehends that time is usually of the essence in these transactions. Accordingly, we pride ourselves on providing same-day or next-day service whenever possible.

We handle both commercial and residential real estate matters, including the following:

  • Buying and selling of property
  • Drafting agreements
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Checking titles and other encumbrances to the property

Often, our clients are dealing with aggressive timeframes and need a lawyer who will handle their real estate issues expeditiously. We thrive in that fast-paced environment.

There are many reasons why working with a real estate lawyer is the right decision. Time is of the essence when buying and selling property, so it’s important that things are done correctly the first time. Count on us to promptly and competently draft and review real estate contracts, title insurance, deeds of conveyance and other important legal documents involved in your transaction.

Many of the real estate services we offer fall outside the scope and capabilities of your realtor and, of course, your realtor is not able to advise you on the consequences of signing legal agreements. In addition, a significant percentage of our clients successfully avoid realtor commissions via sale-by-owner.

Please contact our law office for more information on our real estate law services or to schedule an initial consultation.

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