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Precedent-Setting Cases

Michael T. Mahoney vigorously defends his clients, sometimes dealing with complex situations that push the boundaries of existing legal rulings. He has argued the following precedent-setting cases, creating arguments that proved pivotal in divorce, property, worker’s compensation and estate law.

Proctor Hospital v. Taylor:
279 Ill.App.3d 624 (3rd Dist., 1996) Michael T. Mahoney represented a divorced non-custodial parent in successfully avoiding the payment of his daughter's medical bills. An important clarification of the limits of a divorced non-custodial parent's obligation to pay for a child's medical expenses under the family expense statute was established for the State of Illinois.

Foreman v. Commonwealth Edison Co.:
94 ILC 1324 (1994) Michael T. Mahoney represented an injured worker in successfully obtaining the reversal of an adverse arbitration decision resulting in the successful collection of the worker's compensation benefits due in the context of an independent medical exam by a neurosurgeon finding no work-related accident after reviewing the medical records, but never having examined the injured worker.

In re Marriage of Good:
208 Ill.App.3d 775 (3rd Dist., 1991) Michael T. Mahoney represented a divorced father in successfully retaining custody of his two minor children in the context of a joint parenting agreement. An important clarification of the burden of proof to challenge physical custody in the joint legal parenting context was established for the State of Illinois.

In re Estate of Tully:
171 Ill.App.3d 286 (3rd Dist., 1988) Michael T. Mahoney represented an executor of an estate in successfully defending the estate against a will construction lawsuit.

Greater Chillicothe Sanitary District v. Prather:
157 Ill.App.3d 1086 (3rd Dist., 1987) Michael T. Mahoney represented the Sanitary District in successfully defending the district in a dispute with the Defendant over the cost to connect the Defendant's residential property to the district's interceptor line. Sanitary Districts across the State of Illinois were thankful that the Chillicothe District won this case.

City of Peoria v. Feuchter:
115 Ill.App.3d 177 (3rd Dist., 1983) Michael T. Mahoney represented a landowner in successfully resisting the City of Peoria's efforts to condemn a narrow strip of farm ground as a part of the Robinson Park extension plan intending to link the corporate boundaries of the City of Peoria to Caterpillar's tax-rich Mossville facilities. The Court upheld Attorney Michael T. Mahoney's objection based upon the lack of referendum to authorize this project. The city was thereby prevented from annexing Caterpillar's Mossville facilities into the City of Peoria's tax base, which would have deprived the Township of Medina from receiving those same tax revenues. An important limitation on a home rule unit of government's authority to condemn property outside its boundaries was established for the State of Illinois.